Monday, February 10, 2014

Sign of the Week: MUSIC

So this was actually from two weeks ago, but I've been focusing on some other things lately!  Time to catch us up. :)

First off, I have to say that I'm typing this from a sort of "vacation" spot.  Our complex has been doing a lot of renovations and construction (for oh... years.), and this time around they got smart and have some furnished units that we can use during the day!  Complete with a coffee pot (of course this is listed first), TV (woohoo cable!), wifi, and even beds--so my peanut could take her nap undisturbed (hallelujah)!  I can't tell you how thankful I am for the peace and quiet.  And Ellie's thankful for Disney Junior. ;)

Okay so here we go...

"This week's" sign from the Signing Time Blog is... MUSIC!
(from Baby Signing Time DVD Vol 4: Let's Be Friends)

I also have a bunch of previous Signs of the Week in a  photo album (viewable on my Little Sign of Mine Facebook page even if you don't have a Facebook account).

1) How to sign MUSIC:
MUSIC: Hold your left (or non-dominant arm) out in front of you, perpendicular to your body.  Make a flat hand with your right (or dominant) hand, and sway or swing your hand over your arm--almost like you're conducting music.

*The cool thing about this sign is it is also the sign for SING and SONG.  As you make this sign, just say the word you're intending it to mean!
Example--"Should we put on some MUSIC?  What SONG do you want to listen to?  'Old MacDonald?'  Okay, let's SING along!" (Meanwhile, you're doing the same sign each time.)

2) Watch Rachel sign MUSIC & print the flashcard on the Signing Time Blog here.

3) Signing Activities:
-Anytime you hear music--whether at a grocery store, listening to a Baby Signing Time CD in the car, or playing with a toy that sings a song--sign and say MUSIC.  ("Do you hear the MUSIC?  Oooh, what SONG is this?")
-Make a drum circle for little one out of pots and pans.  Let him use his hands or give him a wooden spoon "drum stick."  Clap and cheer for him as he makes music, and encourage him by saying, "Good job, you're making MUSIC!" (while signing MUSIC).
(Source: Play Create Explore)

-Make your own sound treasure basket by collecting, making, or buying fun instruments.
(Image source: Fine Solutions)
-Check out this fun pin for lots of ideas on instruments you and your little one can make and explore together:
(Source: Red Ted Art)
-In addition to the toddler ideas, try making this fun windchime!
Using an old xylophone (check thrift store, garage sales, ebay, or Craig's List), hang pieces to an embroidery hoop using fishing line.  Talk and sign together about the MUSIC it makes.
(Source: Craftster forum)

4) Today's Challenge: Listen to a song and dance with your little one once a day, and practice signing MUSIC.  "Do you like this SONG?  It's so fun moving to the MUSIC!"

Happy signing!

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