Thursday, December 3, 2015

You Know You're TTC When...

Well this has been in my draft for ages and I thought it was about time I finished it!  It started off small and then I've just been adding to it as things have come to me...  Have anything to add??

This is for every woman who can relate (whether past or present)--no matter your story. <3

You Know You're Trying to Conceive When...

1) You've become familiar with all the acronyms. (TTC = Trying to Conceive, DPO = Days Past Ovulation, AF = Aunt Flow, BFN = Big Fat Negative, BFP = Big Fat Postive, BBT = Basal Body Temperature, IUI = Intrauterine Insemination, CM = Cervical Mucus, etc.)

2) You've become a pro at all the ways to pinpoint your ovulation.

3) You stock up on pregnancy tests and ovulation kits at the Dollar Tree.

4) You have a thermometer on your nightstand.  (And BBT charts on your phone or paper nearby!)

5) You pop prenatal vitamins daily. (And maybe a few jillion other vitamins recommended by your doc)

6) Your fertility doctor's number is under Favorites on your phone.

7) Half of your month is spent not drinking alcohol or taking meds JUST IN CASE.

8) You have notes and folded over pages in your copy of "What to Expect BEFORE You're Expecting" (or any other TTC book).

9) You follow other #ttcsisters on Instagram. (Or even have your own TTC instagram account.)

10) You've tried things you never thought you would--like acupuncture!  Anything for baby, right??

11) You've learned 10x more than your 5th grade sex-ed class ever taught you on how babies were made.  (Anyone learn the size of a mature follicle before it releases its egg back then??)

12) You notice ANY little symptom that could hint at pregnancy.

13) You count ahead to see what month your baby would be born if you got pregnant this cycle.

14) You know (all too well) the emotional roller coaster that happens each month of hope, waiting, and disappointment (then back to hope and waiting again)!  Oh how important that hope is...

15) Your amount of doctor's appointments, lab tests, etc. have you feeling like TTC is your full time job.

16) Your wallet's HURTING...

17) At least you've scored one (or several) of Target's "5% off entire purchase" coupons from the amount of prescriptions you've filled at their pharmacy.

18) You hear of a friend's morning sickness or other pregnancy hardship and wish you could experience that, too (since it would mean a baby is on the way!)

19) You've learned all the things NOT to say to someone who's TTC (from hearing them yourself from well-meaning acquaintances).

20) You discover just how many others are struggling to get pregnant, and realize--you're not alone. <3


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