Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Finished Week 2, & Calling It

After I started the Whole30 I read on their site that you should carefully plan WHEN you're going to do it.  Consider what's on the calendar, etc.  I'd been struggling because during my 30 days was going to be my 28th birthday and a 4-day vacation in Oklahoma to be in a dear friend's wedding!  I made it through my birthday fine.  Self-control and staying motivated and all that. :)

But with this vacation--I'd really like to enjoy it.  I realized I'd be stressing and having to put a lot of time into making Whole30-approved food (and there's never enough time when getting together with close friends as it is!!).

So with that in mind, I've given myself permission to call it.

I went halfway--15 days--and am really thankful for what I've learned and gotten out of it.  Will share sometime next week most likely!

I stepped on the scale today (did I mention how much I loved the Whole30 rule of putting your scale away and not looking at it the whole time??  So great for not focusing on each pound but on getting healthier and feeling better.  I was definitely noticing a difference in clothing fit, and my stomach slimming especially.

Here's a quick look after 2 weeks:

I tried to keep things as much the same as possible (no flexing, no makeup, wet hair, lol. and now I know my mirror needs cleaning!).  Except this time I did a selfie instead of the husband taking it--so maybe it's a different angle?  Either way--I am excited to say I lost 7 pounds and am feeling good!

I'm still going to eat well as much as possible while on vacation, but I definitely plan on having a glass of wine at our girls' night and enjoying some wedding cake. :)  Ohhhhh and a dinner roll.... oooh, and a bagel.... mmmm and a sourdough or French bread sandwich!  Oh bread, how I've missed you the most.

While I'm talking about the previously taboo food, this part of the Whole30 website is helpful to read at the end of your Whole30 (or in my case, my Whole15 hehe)--it talks about reintroduction and life after the Whole30.

So there we go.  Will I do another Whole30 all the way through?  Probably.  In the meantime I'm excited to try certain Paleo dishes that weren't allowed on the Whole30, and am going to keep packing my diet with protein, veggies, and fruits.

And now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go brew some coffee to drink WITH creamer in it. ;)

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