Monday, January 27, 2014

January Birchbox | 2014

A couple weeks ago, after going on a Daddy-Daughter park date that ended in a "mail walk" as we call it, Ellie came bursting through the doors with a bright pink box outstretched. 

"Mommy, LOOK what I haaaave!!!!" 

She knows how excited I get for my monthly Birchbox--it's kind of become a family affair. :)  She likes the anticipation as we open it up and explore its pretty packaging and colorful products inside.  When she was a baby she liked knowing if something was for eyes or lips, and would walk around holding them there on her face, haha.

This month, aside from my four beauty samples, the "lifestyle extra" I got was tea (I think there were three different blends).  But somehow I lost  them in my mess of a house.  They looked yum though!  Maybe I'll find them the next time I'm looking for the Apple TV remote... 
I really like when Birchbox started including each product's "how" instructions.  I remember one time using a clarifying shampoo as a daily shampoo, not knowing it was more of a once-a-month kind of a thing (thank you Kate, from The Small Things Blogs, for saving my hair on that one!)

Reparative Cream  |  Smoothing Night Cream  |  Eye Cream
I haven't opened these little guys yet, but I love that they're 100% natural and vegan.  My sis just said the other day that we might as well eat what we put on our skin, and that keeps resounding in my head anytime I put a soap or lotion on, haha. 

Fekkai Brilliant Glossing Cream
I am loving this Fekkai Advanced glossing cream.  I have frizzy hair, so this works great for lightly taming that frizz, while not being too heavy or oily.  And I love that it can be applied on wet OR dry hair.  Plus that size??  With only needing a pea-sized amount, this should last me a while. :)  Thanks, Birchbox!! 

Inika Mineral Eyeshadow
This INIKA eyeshadow is definitely a color I'd wear, and I really like what this product line is about.  Plus I've always liked the versatility of loose eyeshadows in general (wet or dry, layerable.)  [Tip: tapping the brush to dust off the extra, then "pressing" the brush into the lid tends to avoid it "spilling" under the eye.]  I'll have to swatch this color for you guys and show it in another post soon.

Nail Rock
This Nail Rock looks fun with all the trending nail styles right now, but the red and the glitter combined definitely seems like a way bolder move than I'd usually try. (Accent nail might be worth a shot... but even still not for an every day look--more for a special occasion.)  Maybe if I'd gotten the pink?  Except with teaching signing, I would imagine this would be SUPER distracting! :)

The background cards you see are perforated little cards that go along with Birchbox's theme for January--"It's Go Time!"  Check out their 20 Things to Try in 2014 "Go List."

What was your favorite thing in your January Birchbox

P.S. Today David and I have been married for 6 1/2 yrs. :)  In other words it's the day he answers the "How long have you been married?" question with "almost 7 years."  To my glass half-full husband, I love you. :)

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