Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Why I Love Granola Babies: Part 1

I'm so thankful a friend of mine connected me with Giselle Baturay, the owner of Granola Babies.  Granola Babies is OC's largest natural parenting boutique, and it's where I'm lucky enough to teach my Little Sign of Mine baby sign language classes every Friday. (It's located in Costa Mesa as part of the OC Mix--in the South Coast Collection.  You can check out and like their Facebook page here, and follow Giselle on Instagram under @granolababies.)
I think every time I walk in the store, talk with Giselle, or browse their website, I find another thing I love about Granola Babies.  (Thus, not being able to concisely write about its awesomeness in merely one post.)

Ellie's number one favorite thing about the store is their play area.  This is where you're guaranteed to find us every Friday after class.  Ellie can't WAIT to slip off her shoes and burst through that little gate. :)

And guess what?  Starting this Friday we'll be offering a craft time in here right after our sign language class that will be free for all families in my 4-week sessions. :)  Here is last week's craft:

Okay, so a little about this awesome play area...

Why do I love it so much (other than how much Ellie adores it)??  Each toy or activity is Waldorf-inspired to tap into little one's creative potential.  It's entirely eco-friendly and non-toxic.  It's relaxing (I've always been there during light traffic).  It's cheap (only 5 bucks for 9mos-5 yr olds).  And to top it off--it's adorable. 

So today I thought I'd take you on a photo tour around Granola Babies' wonderful, Waldorf-inspired art-based play area (the first one like it in our county!).

P.S. Ellie is in her jammies in the pics below cause it was our Bedtime-themed class that day! :)

Her first face--so proud! :)
This play area really is just an incredible space for imagination and creativity.  And it's open for drop-in play Tuesdays through Saturdays from 11am-4pm (at just $5 per child!).  For more details, check here on their website.

Ready to imagine, play, and create?? 

Use the hashtag #granolaplaying if you instagram your little one playing there!

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