Thursday, January 9, 2014

Sign of the Week: CLOUD

This week's sign from the Signing Time Blog is... CLOUD!
(from Baby Signing Time DVD Vol 3: A New Day)

I also have a bunch of previous Signs of the Week in a photo album (viewable on my Little Sign of Mine Facebook page even if you don't have a Facebook account).

1) How to sign CLOUD:
CLOUD: Make two Cs, and hold them together side-by-side (away from you).  Then trace a puffy cloud as you circle them around and bring them back together (facing you).

2) Watch Rachel sign CLOUD & print the flashcard on the Signing Time Blog here.
And watch Ellie sign it as she sings a classic Winnie the Pooh song here!  (2 yrs)

3) Signing Activities: 

- Point out clouds while on walks outside or when you come across them in board books.

- Sing and sign along to Winnie the Pooh (see Ellie's video above).
- Go outside and talk about types of weather.  "Is today a sunny day?  Or a CLOUDY day?" (Use same sign for the word CLOUDY since Sign Language shows a concept, not a specific variation of a word.)
- Make a cloud craft by drawing cloud outlines on construction paper and letting little one glue cotton balls to it.

- Check out the Rachel and the Treeschoolers website (Episode 1, "A Rainy Day" is all about weather!)
- Download your free weather-related "Rachel and the Treeschoolers Activity Guide" (just need to register for free)
- Enjoy this preview of one of the songs from the Rachel and the Treeschoolers DVD ("A Rainy Day"):

4) Today's Challenge: Go for an intentional signing walk and use as many signs as you know as you and your little one explore together.  Some examples... GRASS, FLOWER, TREE, SKY, SUN, an of course--CLOUD!

Happy signing!

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