Friday, January 24, 2014

Until then... {Being Proactive}

(this post is definitely girl talk--consider yourself warned)

In yesterday's post, I shared how gratitude helps me in this waiting phase I've been in.  I can't wait to give Ellie a little brother or sister.  But until then... there are some things that help me feel like I'm at least doing something toward growing our family. 

I have full confidence that God's timing is perfect; I'm completely trusting Him as Creator. 

So I feel like it's important for me to mention that these are totally not attempts to take control.  It's so helpful for me to feel like I'm doing my part, and by doing these things I'm able to have a good understanding of this whole process.  Instead of feeling like I'm doing something wrong, I can feel peace that it just isn't God's timing yet. 

{Being proactive...}
1)  The book What to Expect Before You're Expecting has been super helpful.  (They also have a website that might be worth checking out.)  I've read some articles on Baby Center's site that have been really informative also.

2) I get cheap ovulation kits from Target to test for an LH surge (can also get at the Dollar Tree, but I think this one was a smidge cheaper, and it doesn't take up as much storage space).  These tests let you know when the likely 24-36 hr ovulation window is coming.  (Sometimes this is frustrating because you're suppose to look for a second line that's DARKER than the test line, and it's like, "uhhh, is this one darker??") :)

3) I take my temperature every morning to keep track of my cycles and to look for patterns (what day I typically ovulate, etc.).  This information mainly lets you know you've ALREADY ovulated (your Basal Body Temperature will rise after), but it's still helpful when combined with other info. 

My favorite thing about taking my temperature is I always know if I'm having a longer cycle.  (When trying with Ellie I had one that was like 52 days or something crazy! Fortunately it's been more regular since having her).  Knowing it's a longer cycle helps because otherwise I might wonder if I'm late and get my hopes up, or even take a test preemptively only to be disappointed when it's negative.

I also chart my temperature.  The What to Expect Before You're Expecting book has some blank graphs in the back to chart temperature.  Once I filled those up though (while trying to get pregnant with Ellie), I printed free charts online and charted them there for a bit.  Right now I have a note in my phone that I just titled BBT (Basal Body Temperature), and have been keeping track in there.  Other times I've written temperatures out in my journal or even on our bathroom mirror with a dry-erase marker, haha.

4) I track everything in my phone.  I've been using a calendar app that keeps track of my previous cycles' start dates and lengths, shows the four days that would likely be best to try, and notes when we have tried.  But when I updated my phone's software, the one I was using got deleted, so I haven't been doing this for the past two cycles.  My BFF just recommended this free one though, Kindara, and it looks pretty good.  Might take a little getting used to, but I like that this will keep track of my temperature as well.  I also noticed that What to Expect has a free app for tracking fertility as well.

Well there you have it... Remember this is stuff that keeps me from stressing.  Not recommended if it's too overwhelming! 

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