Friday, December 13, 2013

FlyLady BabyStepping Day 5

Here's our 5th BabyStep!  Remember what we're doing so far:

1) Getting Dressed to lace up shoes
2) Keeping our sink shining
3) Read your FlyLady emails (or check the Launch Pad)
4) Looking at our posted reminders in the kitchen and bathroom 

Are you hearing any nagging, negative voices in your head? Things like you’ll never be able to do this or that you don’t deserve a clean, happy, inviting home. Take a piece of paper and write down what you hear. Then, turn those ugly words around and say something nice to yourself to negate the ugly words that they said. You deserve happiness!

Today let's be mindful to recognize any negative thoughts that may pop up or fester, and push them aside, replacing them with truth and love.

I almost shrugged today off.  Kind of like, "yeah, yeah, be nice to myself..." as I rolled my eyes.  It's not a step or a task that can necessarily be checked off the To Do list.  But truthfully, I imagine we could all stand to be reminded of this time and again.

I know for me I keep thinking, It's only a matter of time before this motivation fades and my house falls apart again.  Which is probably true, let's be real. :)  That's part of life... but it's not something for me to dwell on.  And it's not something I should point my feet towards--or that will be the direction I end up going (and probably a whole lot sooner!).  Instead I should cheer myself on.  Be thankful for what I've done so far.  And know that--even if just for today--I can bless my family in this way.

So here is how I will defend my position when that thought sneaks in again...  Each time I get back into FlyLady again, it benefits that season of life in a unique way that it hasn't before.  The more I practice these routines and habits--even just for a time--the more I continue to grow, and the more these things become ingrained in me.  It continues to shape me to be a better wife, momma, and home-manager, so for today I'll be encouraged. :)  And I'll continue to pray that God will help me become more like Him--that the Holy Spirit will fill me with joy, patience, and self-control.  (Man the more I think about it, household stuff seriously has to be one of the best ways that can challenge and sharpen us to be more like Him, huh??)

My new mantra will be: "Today I choose to bless my family.  I can do this." :)

So what about you, what words do you hear, and what will your new mantra be??

P.S.  If you want to do today's Zone Mission in the Kitchen, we're sweeping and mopping!

Here's what FlyLady says:

Dear Friends:

Today is our last day in the Kitchen!! For today I want you to grab your broom and your mop. Sweep your kitchen floor really well and then mop. There are several ways to mop a kitchen floor and no real wrong way. Hot soapy water and wipe. There is no "perfect" mop and no "perfect" way to do it. Just sweep, mop and you're done! 

I wish I could say I have the secret weapon of mops, but I really don't.  If you have one you love, let me know!  I like to make my cleaning as simple as possible, so I've just used the Swiffer Wet Jet.  I just bought refills and noticed they came out with an "Extra Power Pad," so we'll see if I notice a difference.  Haha, oh the excitement...

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