Monday, December 2, 2013

The "and More" Part

Driving home from Thanksgiving last night I had a good hour where Peanut (2 1/2) and husband were both asleep.  As my mind wandered I started feeling motivated about some things I've wanted to do... you know how the list goes...

*start exercising
*eat healthier
*grow through spending time with God
*keep up with house cleaning
*get organized
*come up with a meal plan system

and then some others...

*read a book
*learn more sign language
*find more time to do crafts and fun activities with Peanut
*be on time
*make it through December stress-free!
*organize my work-at-home schedule
*continue to develop Little Sign of Mine
*redecorate around the house (master bedroom and master bath esp)
*make time for my hobbies in general (photography, reading, getting crafty, etc.)

There really must be something about this time of year--with January coming near and that feeling of a fresh start.  But I know that it's only a matter of weeks, days, or even minutes before I lose that motivation.  What to do?

Join the revolution--and start a blog of course.

But actually, maybe this will work.

We know there's strength in numbers.  And somehow putting something down makes it more resolute.  So maybe, just maybe... these posts will show my baby steps... my journey toward making better choices (the lingo of a toddler mom), and putting on my big girl panties to bring some order to my life.

If you saw my house right now, you'd know it qualifies for desperate measures.

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