Monday, December 16, 2013

Your Life on Your Fridge

Is there anything better than lists?  I know we may joke a bunch about To Do list obsessions, and how we love to add something we've already done just so we can cross another item off the list...

But I really think that--having been made in God's image--there's a peace about having order... about being thoughtful and intentional with my time... and about being a productive creation.  When I'm lazy or scattered, I just gotta know that that's not included in the abundant life God has for me.

I also think it's super important to remember I've been given these 24 hours each day as a gift.  And when I'm truly abiding/remaining in Him, that means listening to His voice while doing my list-making.  Asking, "Lord, what do you have for me today?" makes such a difference.

So often I think of how Jesus stopped (on his way to helping a dying young girl), so that He could speak with the woman who faithfully touched him as He walked by, knowing she could be healed.  Yes, He could get away with such interruptions a lot easier than we can--He is God after all.  But still, it always inspires me to be aware of others and of situations around me that God doesn't want me to miss amidst "my plans."

Anyway, all this to say, I love my lists.  Lists of meals for the week... organized grocery lists... store-specific lists (Trader Joe's, Costco, Target, etc.), to-do lists, packing for trips lists, you name it.

Or more appropriately--I NEED my lists.

Because--and truly I tell you this--after having my precious Ellie Joy, my brain completely flew out the window.

Please say you know what I'm talking about.  My brain literally is just gone.  How else could I feel SO SCATTERED??  My brain can't process things like I used to (and especially can't REMEMBER things for the life of me), without visually seeing it or understanding it in some sort of visual way.

I mean, driving directions for instance...  Yikes!! (Especially having to REVERSE them to go home?!?) Although I have figured out now that if I sign the directions to myself (in sign language), I will totally remember them!  Isn't that crazy?  Goes to show how much sign language improves vocabulary as well as memory. :)

So with this list-and-organization-necessity in my life, I've finally found a system I really like.  It's on my fridge, all together, and it's glorious.  The star of the show has been this pen holder (find here at Walmart). It comes with a sticky, but I just cut a strip of magnet to put on the back so it's not stuck in one spot for good.

For monthly calendars (below on left) and weekly calendars ( below on right) I just print out Google's calendar.  I make sure to print several at a time and just have them in a stack so I can easily flip to the next one.

For the weekly calendar, David and I try to take a look at it together (Sunday night works great), and he gives me a heads up on what his week looks like at work.  I jot down what time he thinks he'll make it home, and that has helped us a lot.  It's also a good time to talk about our plans in general and get on the same page so we can tackle the week.

The weekly calendar is also perfect for noting the week's FlyLady Zone at the bottom (this week is the bathroom and one extra room), and I put the day's focus in the top space for each day (Wed. Planning Day, Thurs Errand Day, etc...)

For my lists, I love getting the simple magnet kind that you can find in the dollar bin at Target, Jo-Ann's, Michaels, etc.  Often they have one with the days of the week (see first list above), where I can easily jot the meal plan down (WHEN I actually meal plan.  that's another thing on my list of goals).  The blue magnet on the left of the meal plan list is there to hold my recipe cards and printouts so all the week's recipes are easily accessible.

My favorite grocery list has been this yellow chevron one (below).  I love that when I get to the store, it's already organized for me and I don't have to walk back and forth a billion times (just a dozen), or strain my non-existent brain. ;)  It's super helpful with being efficient when shopping with a restless toddler...  (I had the link for this, but it's not working.  Will try to upload the pdf later.)

The third note pad is just a blank one, where I write my Target list and my Costco list.  This helps so much when I'm thinking of something I need to remember to get next time I go.  If I ever think to myself, "Oh, I don't need to write it down, I'll remember," I'm WRONG.  Haha... (I also use Siri to help me remember things--"Remind me when I arrive at Target to get fruit pouches."--just make sure you have the store's address in your contacts and you're good to go!)

The last note pad is my favorite To Do list.  I just love how long it is and how thin the lines are.  There's plenty of room to even use it for the week.  You should be able to find it at your Dollar Tree.

Do you have a system that works for you?  Do you use your phone or paper?  Would love any tips--especially on keeping coupons handy.

Update: I don't know how I forgot one of my favorite and life-saving lists!  It's called the "What's in Our Fridge" list.

When we buy veggies, I list them on there.  When we put leftovers away, I write it on there.  When I open the sour cream, it goes on the list.  The deli meat or hot dogs, same thing (good for 7 days once opened).  That way we remember what we have in the fridge to use before it goes bad.  Because again, as much as I think I'll remember, I WON'T. :)

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  1. This is amazing, Bethany! Inspiring, actually! And, no--you're not alone in the memory loss thing. I tell my husband all the time, "I used to be smart!" :)