Wednesday, December 18, 2013

J.Crew Jewels

If I have some money in my clothing budget and am out shopping, the number one thing I tend to get is a top.  So I've been trying to branch myself out into the realm of accessories.

I love how some fun shoes, some jewels, or a handbag can completely and easily transform an outfit.  And in this early mommyhood phase of my life I've come to realize I'll continually be in and out of different clothing sizes and styles (with Ellie there was a cycle of maternity clothes, then nursing, and then finally three different sizes as I worked my way down to my near-pre-pregnancy weight.).

Yet in the midst of all those different clothing sizes, the accessories last.  Now that's something--we'll always be able to "fit" into our pre-pregnancy jewelry. :p  

Right now, J. Crew Factory has some beautiful jewelry on sale, so I made things easy for David and picked out my stocking stuffers. :) #sixyearsofmarriage

This Circle Stone necklace in Blush Sorbet is so sweet.  I love the color and the simple feminine touch it adds.
This Thorn and Crystal necklace in Deep Violet  is delicately stunning and adds a pop of fancy shmancy sophistication.  Super fun.
And finally, this Gold Link Bracelet has been on my wishlist since I saw Simply Lulu styling this pavé crystal and gold link bracelet  from Stella & Dot forever ago--it can literally go with anything and is just a perfect staple to add a little glitz.  

If you were to twist my arm and make me choose one more, it'd probably be this medallion necklace:

Factory petal medallion necklace

It's been really fun for me to step out and add some statement necklaces to my wardrobe--and now the fun will be in finding different outfits to style them with!  

(I've also been trying to not be too matchy-matchy.  For instance, I'm thinkin' the peach necklace will look great with navy, gray, or mint.  And the blue necklace I'll probably pair with a mustard yellow, brown, or raspberry.)  

And the best part is, these pieces really help you accomplish Stacy and Clinton's Rule #6 (Remember my outfit mantra that has stuck with me ever since I was glued to TLC's What Not to Wear?)

Color, Texture, Pattern, and Shine!

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